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From Post Card To New Customer

Why a simple post card can have new or returning customers walking thru your business' doors.

Direct Mailing Post Cards Offer:

A Highly Targeted Marketing Media

Postcards like other direct mail media are highly targeted. You can create direct mail list down to your choice of local neighbors with filters that include family size, income, rent vs own and many other contact requirements.

Cost-Effective Media

Companies often use postcards because they are cost-effective. They are less expensive to mail than letters, flyers, or brochures. Printing cost are also less along with the cost to process them for mailing is lower due to the most operations are automated.

Post Cards are Attention-Getters

Once your post cards arrive in your potential customer’s hands they are viewed. No envelops to open, tabs to cut, or tape to tear. Postcards gain your potential customer’s attention right away. With the right marketing message, they are a great tool for immediate action.

Versatility also comes with a Post Card

Postcards come in different sizes and some can have altered shapes to stand out. You can also set up marketing programs for different business events. It is easy to add dynamic contact information to your post card before mailing. We are able to print different message on each card or address each message directly to your customer wants or needs.

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