b'in V iceMOSES DIDNT JUST NEED GODS SUPPORT to lead the people to freedomhe never the o Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, in the voice of our motherswould have gotten out of diapers had it not been for the brave women of the Exodus story who risked all so that a little boy might live, and so that an enslaved people might escape to freedom. The midwives Shifra and Puah, Yocheved and Miriam, Pharaohs of ur a new waydaughter Batyah, and all the unnamed women who hold up half the skyO to tell the storyits about time that we hear their voices as well. of passover I cant thank the creators of the In the Voice of Our Mothers Haggadah enough. This creative and moving work will enrich and expand every Passover seder. o And I repeat: its about time! M thers Kehillat Lev Shalem, Woodstock Jewish Congregation THIS HAGGADAH IS SO ACCESSIBLE AND USABLE, and immediately brought me to compiled and edited by carol fox prescott and susan rosenmiriams well organization that meeting place between the heart of recent mothers and the inspiring power of ancient mothers. Rabbi Vivie Meyer, Reconstructionist Rabbinical CollegeWHAT A JOY! THIS IS A WORK OF BEAUTY AND DEPTH. The stories and memories are simply wonderful. I love this! . . .The writing is delicious, compelling, deep. Rabbi Tsurah August,Chaplain for Jewish Family and Childrens Servicesof Greater Philadelphia, Pa.I SO ENJOYED IT. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL APPROACH TO THE PASSOVER SEDER JOURNEY. The narratives are gorgeous and opened up so many doors into the ritual and experience of the magic. Truly amazing work. Rabbi Emily Cohen, Lab Shul, N.Y.C.CAROL FOX PRESCOTT; actor, master acting teacher, performance coach and author brings over 50 years of experience in professional theater to individuals in all walks of life, enabling breakthroughs in authenticity, personal growth, and creativity. Her lifelong love of Judaism and study of Torah inspires a steady stream of creative projects that seek to illuminate contemporary life through the depth and breadth of this ancient tradition.SUSAN ROSEN, Founder and Director of ISBN: 978-0-578-23155-6 Miriam\'s Well Organization, Inc. has since 1999 brought many renowned and influential presenters to the Hudson Valley.To Susan, "It is extremely important for our evolution as human beings to hear the compiled and edited voice of women and restore ourselvesto full participants in the whole/holy world."by Carol Fox Prescott and Susan Rosen Cover, book and logo design by LYDIA AFIA, Emerald MUSE Inc.'